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Character races humans changelings dwarves elves gnomes halfelves log in upload file most popular. It is called the last war because it was thought that when this war finally ended, the taste for bloodshed and battle would thankfully be over. This wiki was created with the intention of creating a complete and readily available repository of fanbased information about the eberron setting developed by wizards of the coast and keith baker in 2004. In addition to statistics for the creatures themselves, youll also find ideas for variant rules when dealing with the fey. Its got enough info to get the flavor of things, but not so much that it becomes bloated and bogged down with detail. Within the eberron campaign setting, youll discover a vast. I need tips and ideas for hosting a campaign in eberron my party voted for it. It combines pulp adventure and intrigue in a world where magicdriven technology has. Eberron is a campaign setting different from previous campaign settings such as the forgotten realms, greyhawk and dragonlance in that the fundamental structure of the world was different than typical fantasy, yet. Several unique races are featured in the eberron setting, and each helps shape the campaign s flavor. This websites aim is not to distribute unedited content from these sources, but rather to facilitate access to my own personal revisions for the players in our private gaming sessions. Eberron live game with keith baker, satine phoenix, ruty rutenberg and more. This months installment is relatively straightforward. What is eberron wayfinders guide to eberron eberron 5e.

They evoke the intrigue, action, and tension that make eberron one of the games most unique settings. Eberron live game with keith baker, satine phoenix, ruty. Ive been using random adventures with little detail in the locations and such. I imagined a welcome world of swashbuckling adventure to eberron. Eberron campaign setting dungeons and dragons d20 35. I play 4e and ive read the campaign guide and player guide. Eberron campaign setting 3e find action around every corner of the world grab. Eberron campaign setting wayfinder foundation of khorvaire. Eberron campaign setting 3e find action around every corner of the world grab your pack and leap into an actionpacked, intriguelaced. The eberron campaign setting is also unique in that it is the result of a contest held by wizards of the coast to find a new campaign setting.

Dec 20, 2019 read online eberron campaign setting 5e book pdf free. During the spring and summer of 2002, wizards of the coast, inc. This article focuses on mechanical conversions for several of the key elements unique to eberron. I dont find that i really need anything more than that for most games. Eberron campaign setting 3e wizards of the coast eberron. I f you d rather start with this adventure, then some other group recovered the first schema and the party has not had prior dealings with elaydren d cannith. Its set in a period after a devastating 102 year war that ravaged the continent of khorvaire, splitting the mighty kingdom into 12 quarreling nations. To me, these are keith bakers most important words in the eberron campaign setting first published in 2004. Most are drawn from the folklore and legends of earthly cultures. The game is set primarily on the continent of khorvaire following a vast destructive war. The newest important episode in the eberron campaign setting is an episode called the last war, socalled because the user of khorvaire supposed that after the war was over everyone would raise tired of war much as world war i was recognized as the war to end all wars.

Eberron campaign setting 4e pdf this is a list of products that are based on the fictional world of eberron. I feel really fortunate to have this monster manual supplement for my party, so they can feel even more enmeshed in this campaign setting as they battle creatures that feel very native to it. A warforged paladin and an artificer face an unknown foe and the eberron campaign guide 2009 might reveal who, as the two covers were originally part of one piece of art. Eberron campaign setting was the first book created for the eberron setting and uses the 3. It, among 10,000 other entries, won the hearts of the wizards staff and thus was produced into an official campaign. Weve been playing in eberron since the campaign setting was originally. Full details on the eberron setting are available in several pdf products available through. In this case, she approaches the adventurers because they appear capable, she needs help, and she is running out of time. Errata eberron campaign setting download as pdf file. Theres something for every kind of eberron campaign in here. Eberron content did not appear until 3 years later, when the wayfinders guide to eberron was released on july 23, 2018 as a pdf on dungeon masters. This 32page pdf, written by keith baker, offers an assortment of faerie creatures. Welcome to the eberron wiki, a wiki about the eberron campaign setting for the 3.

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