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Ringspann corporation morse backstop, conveyor backstop, one way bearing. The backstop prevents the material being conveyed from running back in the event of current failure or when the motor is shut off. Couplings flangecouplings, flexible couplings ringspann. Basic freewheel fgr 25 r as a backstop on a reduction gear in the drive of an inclined conveyor of an assembly train. Ringspann is a specialist in power transmission components like freewheels, brakes, shafthubconnections, locking assemblies, couplings, clamping fixtures. Siam ringspann free cad models backstop, fxm series. Download backstop with torque limiter with controllable releas facility, with cams, centrifugal rising fxrt. They are supplied oilfilled and ready for installation. Ringspanns service portfolio ranges from consultation and design and development, right through to the production of readytoinstall components. Which end surface can be used as an axial backstop. By using our website you agree to the use of cookies. Thanks to ringspanns patented release mechanics, you are not reliant on leaksusceptible hydraulic release systems. This distributes the load evenly over all the backstops which can therefore be designed to smaller dimensions.

The ringspann product catalogues are also available in printed format. Backstop frhd 900 on the head drum shaft of an inclined conveyor belt system. Irreversible locks ir are bidirectional acting roller freewheels with bearing support. For a freewheel to function, the concentric alignment of the inner and outer ring is required.

Siam ringspann free cad models cams backstop, babcx. The housing is made of steel or grey cast iron in the minimum quality gg20. What makes them so unique is the use of highly durable carbon friction linings that boast maximum surface pressure and, despite its compact size, make extreme slipping torques of up. Complete freewheels fb are sealed sprag freewheels with ball bearings. Complete freewheels fbf with mounting flange are sealed sprag freewheels with ball. Ringspann backstops, backstopping clutches, backstop clutch. Ringspann is a specialist in power transmission components like freewheels, brakes, couplings, torque limiters, locking assemblies, clamping elements, as well as clamping fixtures. In the case of freewheels without bearing support, concentric alignment like this must be provided by. In addition, the torque limiting feature of the fxrv backstop allowed the backstop to be sized for just the. We distribute the products manufactured by ringspann gmbh and also manufacture inch dimension sprag products for sale into the north american market, these products include ringspann frhd large low speed backstops. Cam clutch basics cam clutch basics cams and their constructions the bs series cam clutches use nonrollover cams which provide an additional level of safety. Download cams backstop, babcx series oil lubrification. Ringspann presents brand new highspeed backstops with torque.

Karlheinz timtner, bad homburg ringspann gmbh, schaberweg 30 34, d648 bad homburg abstract as shown in former publications there are problems in loadsharing of backstops in multiple drives of conveyors. The freewheels are designed for the use in inclined conveyorbelts, elevators or pumps. In the case of freewheels without bearing support, concentric alignment like this must be provided by the customer. Ringspann manufacturer of power transmission components and.

We are happy to assist you with orders and technical questions about our power transmission components, clamping fixtures and remote controls. Available for solidworks, inventor, creo, catia, solid edge, autocad, revit and many more cad software but also as step, stl, iges, stl, dwg, dxf and more neutral cad formats. Backstops, overrunning clutches, indexing freewheels ringspann. Load sharing methods of backstops in conveyor drive systems dr. Downloads product catalogues brochures cad models installation and operating instructions publications technical articles press folders awards. Ringspann corporation began operations in january of 2000. Gear reducers electric motors geared motors in drives on conveyor systems the backstop prevents the system from. In order to transmit the torques in the table of ringspann catalog 84 freewheels, the outer ring must pressed in a housing with the minimum outside diameter in this catalog.

Seed spreader the indexing freewheel replaces a reduction gear in seed spreader. Morse backstop, conveyor backstop, one way bearing, overrunning clutch, formsprag clutch, sprag clutch, backstop clutch. Freewheels consist of an inner and an outer ring between which clamping elements are arranged. Backstop for conveyor automatic transmission transmission. Please photocopy or use the pdffile from our website. Ringspann is considered a premium manufacturer in all product segments, and we are international market leader in the area of freewheels. Therefore, detailed calculation methods and design recommendations.

Ringspann couplings and clutches are machine elements for rigid, flexible, variable or detachable connection of two shafts. Features low speed backstops frsc with lever arm are sealed roller freewheels with ball bearings. Backstops overrunning clutches indexing freewheels. Complete freewheel ba 45 sx as a backstop, ar ranged at the end of the intermediate shaft of a spur gearbox. The main one being the high speed backstop provided an economical solution over a higher cost low speed backstop. Innovative design processes have helped ringspann lead the way in the work holding sector for over 70 years and the company has backed up success with investment in subsidiaries worldwide, including manufacturing plants in germany, china, u. Backstop and torque arm dimensions are listed on pages 7, 8, or 10. The torque limiting high speed backstop was selected over standard high speed and low speed backstops for a variety of reasons. Internal freewheel fsn 50 as backstop fitted to the end of the intermediate shaft of a spur gear box in the drive of an elevator. Siam ringspann free cad models cams backstop, baxg. Features low speed backstopsfrhd with lever arm are sealed sprag freewheels with ball bearings. Our staff has many years of freewheel experience and we are ready to help you with your mechanical power transmission needs e. Falk true hold lowspeed backstops to learn more about the falk true hold lowspeed backstops, go to.

Please send us your component drawing showing the following details which surfaces are to be machined. Download cams backstop, baxg series grease lubrification. Ringspann gmbh high speed backstops in conveyor installations page 5 the individual backstops. The backstop prevents reverse rotation under the back pressure of the conveyed medium if the motor is turned off. Ringspann friction clutch 3d cad model library grabcad. Here you will always find the latest materials for our products, such as product catalogs, brochures, 3d cad models and installation and operating instructions. A backstop cam clutch is used to prevent the rotating shaft from being driven in the reverse direction. Low speed backstops from ringspann are designed for installations with low speeds and for the use in inclined conveyorbelts elevators or pumps. Durable marland oneway clutches and backstops have been protecting costly equipment, preventing injury and lost production time in several key markets. Available for solidworks, inventor, creo, catia, solid edge, autocad, revit and many more cad software but also as step, stl, iges, stl. Via download directly into construction all ringspann standard clamping fixtures are now available as cad models. Cage freewheels are not selfcentering and have no own bearing support. Ringspann overload clutches are mechanical safety devices which disconnect the output from the input when a preset limit value has been reached. Features low speed backstopsfrhn with lever arm are sealed sprag freewheels with ball bearings.

Headquarters of the ringspann group national company websites. Siam ringspann free cad models backstop with torque. Collet with clamping bolt type clamping range df7 from to mm transmissible torque mm1 mo2 nm nm tightening torque required at clamping nut m nm a mm e mm gh mm k max. Manufacturer ringspann has expanded its successful fxr series with new hightech backstops featuring integrated positive torque limiters and a mechanical release function. Germany headquarters ringspann gmbh germany rcs ringspann rcs gmbh australia ringspann australia pty ltd austria ringspann austria gmbh china ringspann power transmission tianjin co. When the unit stops, the conveyor belt must be held securely so that it does not run backwards by the weight of the assembly parts. Power transmission components for belt conveyors, for bucket elevators, for mine hoists, for crushers, for bucket wheel excavators and for stackers and reclaimers. The computeraided design cad files and all associated content posted to this website are created, uploaded, managed and owned by third party users. Taconite seals protect the freewheels from contamination with dust or dirt. Pumps blowers fans the backstop prevents these turning back when reverse pressure is exerted by the load. As tolerance for the housing bore the data are obligatory in the ringspann catalog 84.

Application as backstop ringspann freewheels are used as backstops in order to prevent rotational movement against the operating direction of rotation because for safety or functional reasons many machines and installations should only operate in one predetermined direction of rotation. Low speed backstops frhd with lever arm are sealed sprag freewheels with ball bearings. With cone clamping elements from ringspann torques or axial forces can be transmitted from the shaft via the clamping element to the hub. Ringspann presents brand new highspeed backstops with. In this area we provide you with important downloads. In order to offer our customers in south korea an even better service and to expand our business in this country, ringspann gmbh has established a new subsidiary. A brake disk is fitted to the outer ring of the freewheel alongside a manually. Full technical catalogue available on request or download pdf from. Download backstop with torque limiter, with cams, centrifugal rising fxrv. Please indicate in drawing clamping diameter with tolerance. The cylindrical form of the component bore in the clamping area has to be smaller than the tolerance class it7. Centric alignment of inner and outer ring must be provided by the customer. Our website uses cookies to provide userspecific functions. Complete freewheels fgr r a1a2 with mounting flange are sealed roller freewheels.

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